we are a company which is founded in 1998 in ›stanbul and our biggest aim is release both economic and high quility products at the same time . for this purpose we are working with a professional team and we are following every step of our bussines

in furniture production , we are reunting hand craft with high technology at the same time to make somthing different and modern . we are making classic and art deco sitting groups , coffe tables, tv units,sideboards,mirrors , accessories and etc. to make our purpose real with our high technology products .

we are living the proud of being a brand that bring a different comment to furniture world with our trends . this company has followd every devolopments from pat to event and to shape thyself to new things to be a modern company and we went great guns in this way

in our r&d and inovation works we are contiuning to offering new things abreast with the world

we are servicing in 10.000 m2 to up country and abroad as being a preffesional company

with our young and dynamic methods, we are staying in our course to be with one of the giant furniture companies with the courage and prite that you give us . we are living the proud being an factory that determining trends


*to prioritize customer satisfaction
*when we meet theese expectation, with the help of the high technology that we are using ,the proper of prices , the comfort ,the estethic and with founctional perfectness to make something that everybody can buy with their budget and also make something eco-friendly and finnaly to make something industry-leading and serve to you with theese products
*to adopt modern and new methods
*to make something one-size-fits-all
* to claim to work ethic
* to study with appraisingly to people and labour
* Providing quality products and services that exceed customer expectations by adopting the principle of continuous improvement
* Ensuring competitive advantage based on our current values


We aim at being one of the best furniture manufactures of storage and dining furniture designed with functionality, high quality and affordable prices in mind.

*To grow in the world, to increase production and sales figures by maintaining the leading position in Turkey in the furniture and accessories segment
*Increasing brand awareness in the furniture and accessories segment
*Being a Brand
*to take care of your idea
*Being taken seriously by the competition
*To have a culture that supports innovation
*Being an honest factory
*customer satisfaction
*to move with inovation politic
*Product development and customer innovation, product portfolio development

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